∼ 15th March 2021 ∼

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about my first released pattern collection: Garden Picnic.

The idea of build patterns in collections is due to their concrete purpose to be printed in fabrics, wallpapers, stationery, etc. Often times, the companies that license these kinds of art need more patterns that they can combine and sell in products as a group.

The patterns within a collection must be cohesive, balanced, share the same color palette and the same theme (but I have already discussed it in the first post of the blog…). Instead, let’s talk about Garden Picnic.

Garden Picnic is born with the idea of a new start, a re-growth and it is tightly tied to my current life situation. In fact, in these months there are some changes that eventually will lead me to a real new life. The first one is related to my sentimental situation: I am going to merry soon! On the 1st of May I am going to merry the love of my life, and so I am going to create a new family and my life will consequently change.

The other change is about my job: I am trying with all of my power to shift from the veterinary medicine world to an artistic one. It is not easy and not fast at all, but last year I finally figured out what I was willing to do, and then I started to make it happen. It is a journey that takes lot of time, especially because I really want something of my own, but I am sure it will bring me where I want, at the end.

Now, you can understand why I wanted my first collection to be about a re-birth. Spring is the current season and also the perfect season to talk about something new to start. In fact I thought initially to call the collection “Spring”.

Starting from what I wanted to describe with my illustrations, I let all the spring mood to come over me and inspire me to draw and imagine flowers and what I love about spring time: first of all picnics! I am absolutely in love with picnics and picnic baskets and picnic linens and bush of wild flowers, white fences, english gardens… I started to sketch it out and trying to imagine what could have been bigger and what smaller in scale, which colors I wanted to get the right atmosphere, and I wrote 20 words to describe the collection.

I then drew every motif and composed them in the patterns. And now, you can see the results in the Picnic Garden Collection page! It comes in two different versions: daylight and sunset, because it is fun and especially useful to give a choice to people who wants to buy the products. What I discovered is that I prefer some patterns in a version and others in the other version (however, the original one is the Daylight version).

Now you know a little bit more about my work, and hopefully you are waiting for the next collection, which I am currently working on! If you want to shop my patterns on some beautiful fabric or home decor stuff, you can click here!

I hope this article has been useful! Lots of love. Fede