Hello! I’m Fede, an illustrator and pattern designer living in Italy with my two lovely cats. My art reflects my romantic and colorful spirit and it is inspired by delicate flowers and sweet animals.

My Story

Since I was a child, I’ve always shown a passion for animals and I was lucky enough to grow up in a big house with a giant garden, full of insects, birds, frogs and pets! Because of my huge love for animals and my dedication to studies, I’ve always wanted to become a veterinarian. I studied hard and managed to make my dream come true. 

I never ever considered the possibility of another career, especially in the art field. Despite the fact I usually spent so many hours in my room drawing and imagining stories, I was taught that the artistic studies would have not guaranteed me a job, so I naturally followed other passions, studied hard and graduated at the Veterinary School of Padua.

My life suddenly changed when I started working: the reality of the profession I chose was different from what I imagined and very hard, and I started to suffer for what is called the “compassion fatigue”. I just wanted to be happy, so I naturally decided to look for something that could fit me in a better way. It took me two years to discover what I really love and how to make it a job.

I decided to apply to a graphic design course: I realized in fact, that for getting a new job I had to come back to studying. The graphic design course was so helpful, since thought me how to use graphic programs, fonts, layout, colors… In reality, because the course started later than expected because of the advent of COVID-19, in the meantime I started to learn thanks to online tutorials, and this is where I found out Skillshare and the pattern design world.

And here we are: now it is my time to show you my art! You can find my works in the PORTFOLIO section of this website, and you can also follow me on Instagram where I carry you around my days. I am looking for licensing with companies, since my dream is now to see my illustrations and patterns becoming real objects, that can enter in people’s houses and give them a smile.

I am certain that beauty and sweetness can change the world. This is what I am trying to do every day at my desk.

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