∼ 8th March 2021 ∼

Hi everyone! In this first article I want to answer to these questions about the Pattern Design, and maybe encourage you to want to learn more about it.

The Surface Pattern Design is a wonderful kind of art in which, as the name suggest, a motif is repeated seamlessly and always the same. Because of the concrete application to products, the pattern design is a Surface design.

You can really find out patterns in every corner of your house, office, room… In fact, patterns can be present in clothes, stationery, fabrics, home decor, wallpaper, kitchen linen, pet accessories, and everywhere else!

Patterns can be extremely simple, as for example a repeated line or polkadot motif, or can be much more complex with detailed illustrations.

What has blown me away, is the fact that all these motifs are created by someone, and that the ‘Pattern Designer’ was a career! I immediately started to look for courses and tried to learn how to make a repeating pattern, and what I found is that is sooo simple and fun!

Besides all of these, what has impressed me most was the thoughts and the stories that are under every pattern collections. Exactly, patterns are usually created in collections of 8-12 patterns each (but also mini collections of 4-6 patterns exist), in which all the motifs are cohesive and balanced in dimension and complexity, have the same color palette and the same theme. The collections have a title and a story, and each pattern a name.

Now you can imagine why I felt in love with Pattern Design: it is essentially a story with its chapters and characters drawn and painted, instead of written, and finally printed in a variety of surfaces. At the end, you can have a story in a dress or in a cushion!

I think that knowing it now, permits you to look with much more care for the stuffs you own with patterns on them, and maybe you want to discover more about this career that you ignored before…

If you are curious about how I learnt how to create a repeating pattern, discover more on the ABOUT section!

For my Italian friends, I link here an intro video to the Surface Pattern Design world:

I hope this article has been useful! Lots of love. Fede