Garden Picnic Collection

A Garden Picnic is what spring invites me to do every year, when she arrives during a warm sunny day and knocks at my door. I always welcome Her and I can not look forward to seeing the bees fly around again, dancing with the flowers and sketching them on my notebook. Here in this garden I hope you will find joy too!

Fence in bloom – Daylight
Birthday Bouquet – Daylight
Just Spring – Daylight

Lily of the Valley – Daylight
Bumble Bee – Daylight
He loves me – Daylight
Foliage Roof – Daylight
Petal Shower – Daylight
Vichy – Daylight
Sketchbook – Daylight
Fence in bloom – Sunset
Birthday Bouquet – Sunset
Just Spring – Sunset
Lily of the Valley – Sunset
Bumble Bee – Sunset
He loves me – Sunset
Foliage Roof – Sunset
Petal Shower – Sunset
Vichy – Sunset
Sketchbook – Sunset


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