Botanical Wedding Collection

This collection is inspired by the best day of my life: my wedding day. Every little pattern reminds me of a specific moment or a detail of that day, from my bridal dress to the floral decorations of the location… The memories it evokes are so special and precious to me.
There are two version: the first is the Sweet one, where every color is the color of my own special day, while the Sophisticated version has dark and bold colors, tipical of a charming and elegant wedding.

Bouquet – Sweet
Bridal Dress – Sweet
Chamomile – Sweet
Forever – Sweet
Confetti – Sweet
May 1st – Sweet
Veils – Sweet
Flower Basket – Sweet
Bouquet – Sophisticated
Bridal Dress – Sophisticated
Chamomile – Sophisticated
Forever – Sophisticated
Confetti – Sophisticated
May 1st – Sophisticated
Veils – Sophisticated
Flower Basket – Sophisticated


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