∼ 27th April 2021 ∼

Hi everyone! I want to introduce you to the fashion world here on my website with a post dedicated to an eco-friendly shoes brand: VIVAIA.

I first discovered this brand on Instagram, and I was fascinated first of all by the beautiful and luxurious design of the shoes: they are very elegant and classic and so versatile.

These shoes are not only chic, but also sustainable: in fact, they are made with recycled bottles from the ocean! What a fantastic thing! The bottles are transformed into threads which are used by the high-tech 3D knitting machine to create the shoes (more info here). This technology impressed me so much and made me think “why don’t we use it for everything?”. In a world of fast fashion and lot of waste, Vivaia impressed me in such a positive way.

Even more, the brand pay so much attention to environment, that every material they use is naturally sourced, from latex insoles to the packaging. And the wonderful news is that you can get an exceptional quality pair of shoes and at a fair price.

Another brilliant idea they had is to make their shoes machine-washable! This detail made me love them even more, because lots of smart shoes are very delicate and it may be complicated to clean them, and consequently you think twice before to use them, and it is such a pity!

I am so grateful to this brand for their eco-friendly choices and for contacting me to collaborate. I love their shoes even more now that I wear them: I can’t believe they are sooo comfortable! It feels like you have your slippers on, instead of an elegant ballerina!

If you love them as much as I do, I am happy to give you a very special discount code: just use the code EFFE at checkout to get 10% off your entire order (+ free shipping!).

I hope this article has been useful! Lots of love. Fede

PS If you want to see the unboxing video, here it is:

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